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Raymond Legere1

M, n. ± 1921-__-__, d. 2004-04-21
  • Relationship | lien de parenté: Cousin issu de germains d'un grand-parent de Gilles Pinet
  • Raymond Legere est né ± 1921-__-__.1
  • Raymond Legere a épousé Marie Blanche Vautour le 1944-11-04 à Saint Ignatius, Sanford, York, Maine, United States.2,1
  • Raymond Legere est décédé le 2004-04-21 à Pompano Beach, Florida, United States.2,1

Les enfants de Raymond Legere et Marie Blanche Vautour:

Biographical information / Informations biographiques

He was an active member of the Knights of Columbus, the Elks, and Wolf's Clubs and an enthusiastic and generous supporter of the Sanford Community. After his retirement, Ray and Blanche lived for the past 18 years in Pompano Beach, Fla., where they enjoyed many good friends and good times, including daily visits with Ray's sister, Evelyn Dubois of Pompano Beach, Fla., and Wells.

A handsome man, Ray enjoyed a full head of thick hair and often joked that he couldn't get a decent haircut in Florida, where many senior citizens had little hair. So, on the yearly summer visits to Sanford to visit family and friends, one of Ray's first stops was to get a haircut from his lifelong friend Emile Roy. Ray was devoted to his wife, Blanche and his children and grandchildren; Anita Legere Dudgeon and her husband Michael and their 19 year old daughter, Erin, live in Wells; Betty Legere Gingras and her husband Ron live in Sanford with their daughters, Emily, 19 and Andrea, 16; Gloria Legere Rawn and her husband Jim live in Milton, Mass., with their three children, Brian 11, Amy 9, and Eric 6; and Danny Legere of Sanford, who passed away in 1992. Ray and Blanche, in their younger years, were award winning dancers, and much to all the family's delight, were able to enjoy dancing together just three weeks before Ray's death. Ray loved the music of Frank Sinatra and especially the song, 'I Did It My Way' and that song aptly describes how Ray Legere lived his life, He Did It His Way! In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Ray's name to Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford. Last summer, SMMC cared for Blanche and helped her back to good health, enabling Ray and Blanche to spend the last seven months as some of the best they had together. Ray was greatly loved by his family and friends and his memory will be cherished by them forever.2

Chronology / Chronologie

DatesDetails / Détails
± 1921-__-__Raymond Legere est né ± 1921-__-__.1
1944-11-04Raymond Legere a épousé Marie Blanche Vautour le 1944-11-04 à Saint Ignatius, Sanford, York, Maine, United States.2,1
2004-04-21Raymond Legere est décédé le 2004-04-21 à Pompano Beach, Florida, United States.2,1
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  1. [S10237] Raymond et Marie Blanche Legere - pierre tombale, cimetière St Ignatius, Sanford, Maine, photographié par Judy Kilgour le 2007-06-26.
  2. [S6446] Raymond Legere - obituary, Portland Press Herald, Portland, ME, July 2, 2004.
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