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Frère Jean Bourque1,2,3

M, n. 1929-11-30, d. 2016-06-10
  • Relationship | lien de parenté: Cousin d'un parent de Gilles Pinet
  • Également connu comme John F Bourque.4,5
  • Frère Jean Bourque est né le 1929-11-30 à Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.4,2,6
  • Frère Jean Bourque a été baptisé le 1929-12-01.6
  • Son nom de baptême est John Andrew Bourque.6
  • Frère Jean Bourque est décédé le 2016-06-10.7

Biographical information / Informations biographiques

Résidence: (2013) Catholic Monastery, Manila, Philippines
He celebrated 50 years of Profession in 1999. In 2000 he was residing in Cleveland where he was recuperating fom an illness. Tom Carmody de Lynn Mass., ancien étudiant au Eymard Seminary, à Hyde Park, NY parlait de Frère Francis lors d'une conférence: ''Brother Francis was from my hometown parish in Lynn. He was the monastery cook. Considering what he had to work with, Francis was pretty good. His soup was legendary and a religion unto itself. It was made in the tradition of a Chinese ‘LU’. Lu is a flavoring that started in a given family many generations ago. Let’s say you had a sauce. You would save some of it or whatever was left over as the basis for the next sauce and so on and so on down the line. At some point, it’s conceivable that a family LU could be 2000 or 3000 years old. Thus was Brother Francis’ soup, the monastery LU. He had professed vows about twenty years before I arrived as a student there and made his first soup then. Whatever was left over formed the basis for the next soup, and so on until I arrived on the scene twenty years later. We had soup 4 or 5 times a week as a prelude to supper and I never got tired trying to identify all the subtle flavors. While eating the soup, I once thought of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts character Pigpen who said that the dirt that surrounded him was the dirt of history and who knows what biblical or other historical figure may have trod on it. Thus was Brother Francis’ soup.7''
Frère s.s.s.8


DatesDetails / Détails
1930Il est apparu dans le "United States Census" de 1930 à 3 Albany Terrace, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States, dans le ménage de ses parents, Alfred Bourque et Lina Melanson.4
1940Il est apparu dans le "United States Census" de 1940 à 48 Hancock Street, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States, dans le ménage de ses parents, Alfred Bourque et Lina Melanson.2

Chronology / Chronologie

DatesDetails / Détails
1929-11-30Frère Jean Bourque est né le 1929-11-30 à Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.4,2,6
1929-12-01Frère Jean Bourque a été baptisé le 1929-12-01.6
1949-09-08He made his profession of faith. / Il a fait sa profession de foi.6
2016-06-10Frère Jean Bourque est décédé le 2016-06-10.7


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